The Heat Pump Centre (HPC) is the the central information source of IEA's Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT).


The Heat Pumping Technologies is an Implementing Agreement within the IEA Energy Technology Network.



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Welcome to the IEA Heat Pump Centre!

IEA Heat Pump Centre (HPC) is an international information service for heat pumping technologies, applications and markets. Our goal is to accelerate the implementation of heat pumps and related heat pumping technologies, including air conditioning and refrigeration.


Events related to heat pumping technologies during October and November 2015
For more information, see Events

30 September - 2 October ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference Atlanta, USA      19 October HPT Annex meetings and Kick off Annex meetings Nuremberg, Germany      20-21 October Heat Pump Summit Nuremberg, Germany      22 October HPT National Teams' meeting Nuremberg, Germany      20-23 October 8th International Conference on Cold Climate-Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (Cold Climate HVAC 2015) Dalian, China      9 November National workshop Basel, Switzerland      10 November HPT ExCo meeting (open meeting) Basel, Switzerland      11 November HPT ExCo meeting (closed meeting designated ExCo members) Basel, Switzerland     
12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

The 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference will be held from 15th to 18th May 2017, at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. This unique forum will pay attention to heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.» Read more...

HPC Newsletter

The IEA HPC Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter/journal. The aim with the newsletter is to present heat pump technology, markets and market development, and information from annexes in the Programme.» Read more...

How to start or join an annex

In this section you find information about how to start or join an annex.» Read more...

Why heat pumps are a technology for the future

This section gives you general information about heat pumping technology. It explains how it works, why this technology is beneficial and what typical applications there are. It also tells you about different types of heat pumps and common refrigerants. » Read more...

Join our group on LinkedIn

Please join our LinkedIn networking group: IEA Heat Pump Programme» Read more...


Newsletter 3/2015

Newsletter 3/2015 out now!

The latest Newsletter "Ground source heat pumps" is now available online and can be downloaded from the Newsletter section. » Read more...

Annex 47 “Heat Pumps in District Heating and Cooling Systems” Kick-off Meeting

The meeting will be at the 19th October in Nürnberg before the European Heat Pump Summit.» Read more...
Heat Pump Summit 2015

HPT participates in the European Heat Pump Summit

The fourth European Heat Pump Summit - the meeting place for the international heat pump sector - will take place in Nuremberg on 20 and 21 October 2015. » Read more...

IEA HPT Conference articles now available online!

We have now uploaded all articles from the IEA Heat Pump Conferences in 2005, 2008 and 2011 in our database. All articles can be downloaded for free as single PDF files. » Read more...

IEAs Energy Technology Initiative on "DSM Energy Efficiency" has launched its new website

The new Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency website contains information on a number of research areas that surround Energy Efficiency.» Read more...

HPT exhibits at ICR2015

If you participate in the fair, please visit our booth.» Read more...

Belgium joins the HPT!

We at the IEA Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT) are very happy to welcome Belgium as our latest member country!» Read more...

HPT National Teams’ meeting 2015!

Welcome to the Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT) National Teams’ meeting Thursday 22 October 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.» Read more...
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