Welcome to the HPP Symposium at Chillventa

Reserve October 8 for the Heat Pump Programme one day symposium at Chillventa, open to all Chillventa visitors.

In order to promote the Heat Pump Programme, we will hold a symposium open for all visitors of the Chillventa Congressing day, October 8 in Nuremberg, Germany.

During this symposium, work and visions of ongoing and planned HPP Annexes will be presented. There will also be invited speakers, with presentations on hot subjects, such as the ETP 2012 (by representatives from the IEA), heat pumps in smart cities, heat pumps and energy storage, heat pump research in the US, and others.


To participate in the HPP Symposium, let us know your interest by e-mail to johan.berg @ sp.se and register for the Chillventa Congressing day at the Chillventa website: http://www.chillventa.de/en/congressing

Symposium speakers and titles

Note that the program is preliminary and can be subject to changes.

Room Shanghai (NCC Ost)

 Tentative Title
Introduction to HPP and its activities
Monica Axell, Manager of the Heat Pump Programme
Research on Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump Technology at the Ray W. Herrick Labs at Purdue University
Eckhardt Groll, Purdue University, United States
Demonstration of field measurements of heat pump systems in buildings, Annex 37
Marcus Olsson, SP, Sweden
IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2012
Marc Lafrance, Desk officer, IEA
Innovations in heat pumping technology as a reaction to changing demands
Hermann Halozan, TU Graz, Austria
Trends in industrial heat pump technology in Japan
Choyu Watanabe, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan
Heat pumps in smart grids (Annex proposal)
Peter Wagener, Dutch Heat Pump Association, The Netherlands
IEA HPP Annex 40 - Heat pump concepts for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
Carsten Wemhöner, HSR, Switzerland
Fuel driven heat pumps (Annex proposal)
Peter Schossig, Fraunhofer-Institut ISE
Heat pumps and thermal energy storage
Andreas Hauer, Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, Germany
Quality installation and maintenance, Annex 36
Van Baxter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States
Heat pumps in future smart cities
Michael Monsberger, AIT, Austria
IEA HPP IETS Annex 35/13 - The role of heat pumps for industrial processes. Current status and annex achievements
Jochen Lambauer, IER, University Stuttgart, Germany
Ground Source Heat Pump systems for large commercial buildings in Central and Southern Europe
Burkhardt Sanner, European Geothermal Energy Council
Heat pumps in cold climates, Annex 41
Van Baxter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States
Summary (together with the rest of Chillventa Congressing)  
"Get-together" (together with the rest of Chillventa Congressing) 


IEA Heat Pump Centre c/o SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden E-mail: hpc@heatpumpcentre.org