Nominate candidates for the prestigious Rittinger Award

The Heat Pump Programme seeks candidates for Rittinger award which recognizes deserving individuals or teams that have distinguished themselves in the advancement of heat pumping technologies applications, market development and related dissemination activities with lasting international impact.

Sophie Hosatte, Chairperson for the IEA Heat Pumping Technologies Programme has announced that nominations are being sought for the Peter Ritter von Rittinger award 2011. This award, presented for the first time at the IEA International Heat Pump Conference in 2005, is awarded to deserving individuals or teams who have achieved distinction in the advancement of heat pumping technologies, applications, market development and management or organization of activities with lasting international impact. The award is named for Peter Ritter von Rittinger, an Austrian engineer who is credited with design and installation of the first practical heat pump system at a salt works in Upper Austria in 1856.


The awards will be presented at the International Heat Pump Conference 2011, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 16-19 May, 2011. Nominate your candidate before the 1st of March. 

Critera for the award
  1. An award may be given to a team or group as well as to an individual
  2. The contribution(s) shall have been made in heat pump market development, technology advancement or applications, or administration/organization of heat pumping activities with international involvement or impact.
  3. That the contribution(s) of the candidate(s) are truly significant (having made a significant and lasting difference) and are widely recognized as such.
  4. That the candidate(s) in fact played a key role in the contribution or achievement.
  5. That the candidate(s) persevered to achieve a significant contribution despite difficulties or opposition or lack of support.

Full information on the award selection guidelines and nomination applications are available in the document in the right margin.


To read about the previous awardees in 2005 and 2008 go to the Rittinger award section (link in the right margin).

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