Annex 40

    Heat pump concepts for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings

    Start date: July 2012

    End date: July 2015


    1. Optimisation of concepts for buildings in order to reach Nearly Zero Energy consumption applying heat pumps as core component of the building technology
    2. Evaluation of building- and system integration options favorable for the application in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
    3. Requirements for further developments of current marketable heat pumps to exploit specific performance opportunities in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (e.g. multi-source ability, capacity range, capacity control, temperature lift)

    Project manager and participating countries

    Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland (Operating Agent), and US.


    The Annex has been structured into the following tasks:

    • Task 1: Overview of concepts (new buildings and retrofit options)
    • Task 2: Optimisation of configuration, design and control of integrated systems for NZEB
    • Task 3: Technology development (prototypes) and field trials
    • Task 4: Specific information on (seasonal) storage, DSM, grid interaction

    Expected Deliverables

    • Technical recommendations and tools on design and layout of optimised NZEB
    • Best practice systems and concepts, prototype technologies, field results
    • Final report, technical guidelines, best practice systems, models and methods.

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